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Bebivita 4-18Mth Cereal Fruity Breakfast 160G

Bebivita 4-18Mth Cereal Fruity Breakfast 160G


Fruits & cereal blended with milk

Bebivita products should be enjoyed as part of a varied and balanced weaning diet.

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Fruits & cereal blended with milk

Bebivita Fruity Breakfast Cereal is a delicious & nourishing meal for the start of the day. It has been made using high quality ingredients and contains added vitamins, calcium and iron.

This cereal is ideal as a breakfast from 4-18 months. As weaning progresses increase the amounts used according to your babies needs. For older babies and toddlers you can add a topping of sultanas, fresh fruit or yogurt for a more wholesome breakfast.

Bebivita Quality Assurance: Bebivita production meets strict quality controls and standards. Products contain only carefully chosen ingredients which contain no unwanted chemicals, which guarantees safe products for your baby.

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Pack Size: 160g

The content of this product is technically measured.
Packed in a protective atmosphere.

  • Just add water
  • With added vitamins, calcium and iron
  • Strictly quality assured controlled – carefully selected ingredients and from strictly controlled suppliers
  • No GM ingredients
  • No artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives
  • Contains gluten

Additional Information

Weight .160 kg
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