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Comfort Intense Sunburst Fabric Conditioner 64 Wash 960Ml

Comfort Intense Sunburst Fabric Conditioner 64 Wash 960Ml


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Ultra Concentrated Fabric Conditioner

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New Comfort Intense fabric conditioner gives you intense freshness out of the wash, intense freshness out of the wardrobe and intense freshness that lasts and lasts. From one tiny dose.

Every single drop of this new Comfort fabric conditioner is bursting with ultra-concentrated freshness. This new incredible technology means that from now on you will only need to use a tiny dose of Comfort conditioner in every wash to enjoy maximum freshness in your laundry. With a new range of intense fragrances available in our new smaller bottles – the hardest part will be deciding which one to try first.

If you’re after a fragrance to brighten up your clothes then look no further than new Comfort Intense Sunburst fabric softener. It’s like the freshness of a warm summer’s day in a bottle.

Also available in the range are:
Comfort Intense Fresh Sky
Comfort Intense Ocean Pearl
Comfort Intense Fuchsia Passion

Pack Size: 960ml

64 Washes*
*based on the recommended dose for a 4-5kg load

  • Incredibly intense freshness
  • With freshness boosters
  • So much freshness to go
  • Enjoy it! on your favourite t-shirt, on your sheets
  • Intense freshness from every drop
  • Out of the wash, out of the wardrobe and even in wear!

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Weight .960 kg
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