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Corsodyl Paste Original 75Ml

Corsodyl Paste Original 75Ml


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Corsodyl Paste Original 75Ml
Corsodyl® is a daily toothpaste, specially formulated for people who spit blood when they brush.
It has a unique formulation that gives it a therapeutic taste. Most people liked its unique taste after 14 days of using Corsodyl® toothpaste.

Why spitting blood needs to be treated seriously
Spitting blood when you brush your teeth may be a sign of inflamed gums; this is due to the build up of plaque bacteria.
If plaque bacteria is not removed, inflammation can spread to the gum socket holding the tooth. Eventually, this can cause the gum to recede and teeth to fall out.
Corsodyl® toothpaste has a unique formulation which disrupts plaque bacteria, enabling more plaque* to be removed. Its formulation removes significantly more plaque* than a regular toothpaste and is proven to significantly reduce the bleeding of your gums. You can help stop the bleeding of your gums by brushing with Corsodyl® toothpaste. It also contains fluoride. You can use it every day with confidence.
*Than a regular toothpaste not containing sodium bicarbonate.

Pack Size: 75ml

Helps stop bleeding gums
Unique therapeutic taste

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