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Del Monte Light Fruit Cocktail 400G

Del Monte Light Fruit Cocktail 400G


Passionate about the planet

At Del Monte we’re committed to farming practices that are both ethical and eco friendly. Working closely with growers around the globe, we actively promote sustainable agriculture and help protect the environment*.

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Fruit cocktail in artificial sweetener

Del Monte Lights bring you all the taste of great canned fruit but with fewer calories!

Say Yes to the Best!
Everyone at Del Monte is passionate about fruit. From our growers in distant plantations to the specialist canners, we’re all determined to bring you the tastiest canned fruit possible. Our secret? We use only the best, sun ripened fruit that is hand-picked only when it’s bursting with maximum flavour. That’s how we capture a taste that’s as delicious as the day the fruit was first picked!

100 Years of being the Fruit Experts
For more than a century Del Monte have been the fruit experts and we’re still as passionate and enthusiastic about making delicious, quality canned fruit as ever. That’s why we know you’ll enjoy this product as much as we enjoyed making it for you.
We only say yes to the best… so you can too!

Pack Size: 400g

  • All the pleasure of fruit but with 50% less calories than with “light syrup”

Additional Information

Weight .400 kg
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