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Dentyl Ph Icy-Fresh Cherry Mouthwash 500Ml

Dentyl Ph Icy-Fresh Cherry Mouthwash 500Ml


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Alcohol free mouthwash

Dental active complete care gives you everything you need to complete your daily oral care regime. Recommended by dentists, it actively:
Pulls bacteria from teeth to help fight plaque
Controls tartar to help maintain healthy gums
Contains fluoride to help combat cavities and protect teeth
Kills up to 99.9% oral bacteria (in lab tests)
Helps retain moisture in your mouth
Provides long lasting fresh breath with Zabactyl® and Menthol

Pack Size: 500ml

  • Works 6 ways
  • Total mouthwash care for healthy teeth and gums
  • Tastes great
  • Doesn’t sting
  • Alcohol free

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Weight .500 kg
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