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Doritos Roulette Tangy Cheese Hot Chilli 180G

Doritos Roulette Tangy Cheese Hot Chilli 180G


Tangy Cheese Flavour and some Hot Chilli Flavour Corn Chips



New Doritos Roulette brings an exciting twist to your favourite snack. Most of the Doritos in this pack are the delicious Tangy Cheese flavour that you love, but one chip in every handful is so spicy it may bring you to tears.
Eat another one… if you dare

Cooked with Sunseed Oil, naturally lower in saturates**
** Over 75% lower in saturates than traditional cooking oils.

Pack Size: 180g

Packaged in a protective atmosphere

  • Warning some of these chips are ultra spicy
  • Suitable for vegetarians

Additional Information

Weight .180 kg
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