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Felix Crispies Salmon And Trout 45G

Felix Crispies Salmon And Trout 45G



Complementary pet food for adult cats

Treat your cat more often and share even more mischievous moments together! New Felix Crispies Treats are irresistibly air-whipped for a light and crispy texture to treat your cat every day. Surprise your cat with a tasty, crispy crackle in every bite, and an exciting combination of delicious flavours, shapes and colours in every pack! With Proteins, Vitamins and Omega 6 fatty acids to help your cat live a healthy and happy life, you can feel good about treating with New Felix Crispies!

Try all the 3 delicious varieties:
Flavoured with tasty Salmon & Trout, flavoured with tasty Beef & Chicken, flavoured with tasty Meat & Vegetables

Pack Size: 45g

  • With vitamins, proteins and omega 6

Additional Information

Weight .045 kg
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