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Felix Twists Duck And Liver 50G

Felix Twists Duck And Liver 50G



Complementary food for adult cats.

Put a twist in treat time with New Felix Twists! It’s a twisted treat, specially developed for cats, that’s fun and doubly tasty. Every stick has a combination of 2 yummy flavours and are rich in meat for your cat to enjoy. Every bag is filled with tempting twisted sticks for twirling and engaging or breaking into bite-sized pieces.
It is a new way to enjoy more playful, mischievous moments together!

Felix Twists is available in a wider range of varieties for your cat. So try and enjoy these exciting varieties today!

Pack Size: 50g

  • Rich in meat
  • Omega 6
  • Vitamins
  • Low in fat



Additional Information

Weight .050 kg
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