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Garnier 48Hour Invisible Calm Woman Spray 250Ml

Garnier 48Hour Invisible Calm Woman Spray 250Ml


Double Action: 2 in 1 deodorant that combines the best Garnier Mineral anti-white marks protection with a formula specially adapted to your needs.
Enriched with absorbent Mineralite*.
48 hr non-stop protection:
48hr** anti-humidity, 48hr anti-odour
No alcohol.
Mineralite = Perlite
Instrumental test
Sensoriel test
Ethyl alcohol

Invisicalm: anti white mark protection with a calming active that helps soothe underarms after shaving or waxing. Subtle fresh fragrance.

Pack Size: 250ml

  • Anti-white marks
  • Mineralite naturally absorbent
  • Skin breathes
  • No alcohol
  • Dermatologically tested

Additional Information

Weight .250 kg
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