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Garnier Mineral Invisible Anti Mark Spray 250Ml

Garnier Mineral Invisible Anti Mark Spray 250Ml


Enriched with Mineralite*, an ultra-absorbent mineral from volcanic origin.

48hr** non-stop protection against perspiration and skin that breathes.

Quick-dry, soft-touch, 48hr anti-humidity, 48gr anti-odour. No alcohol***, no parabens.

Invisible: New generation of formula with clear invisible agents to help protect all clothing, even coloured, from marks and stains. And for our 1st time, no stiffening of clothes or buildup on the armpit area.
Black: Anti white marks, even on skinny fit tops!
White: Anti yellow stains, wash after wash
Colours: Amazing results for coloured tops! Acts against colour fading that can occur over time.
**instrumental test
***ethyl alcohol

Pack Size: 250ml

  • Black – anti-white marks
  • White – anti-yellow stains
  • Colours – anti-fading
  • Lets skin breathe
  • No alcohol – no parabens

Additional Information

Weight .250 kg
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