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Gillette Mach 3 Sensitive Power Razor

Gillette Mach 3 Sensitive Power Razor


Most men—upwards of 70%—would say that they have sensitive skin. But that doesn’t mean their everyday shave has to be an uncomfortable experience. Presenting the Gillette MACH3 Sensitive Power men’s razor, the 3 bladed system razor specifically designed to deliver less feel of irritation even on sensitive skin. This MACH3 innovation features a collection of technologies to improve the look and feel of just shaved skin. This three bladed razor has an enhanced Lubrastrip that adds a touch of aloe to deliver soothing moisture, while its front pivoting head navigates the contours of your face for a smooth shave. For that 70% of men out there, this is a simple solution for sensitive skin. 50% less pressure from the blades* on the skin for a Zero Redness shave Guaranteed.

*Vs. Gillette® 2 bladed pivot disposable (Ultragrip/BlueII Plus/Custom Plus)

Nano-thin blades for a closer shave,* up to 100% redness free


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Weight .200 kg
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