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Gillette Series Protection Shave Gel 200Ml

Gillette Series Protection Shave Gel 200Ml


The lightly fragranced for sensitive skin comfort gel formula with almond oil lathers quickly, spreads easily and reduces friction and irritation. It hydrates, protects and refreshes. Use slow circular motions to cover all the areas you shave. If you have sensitive skin, let the shave gel soak in for as long as possible, this softens your hair even more and helps further lessen the effort needed to remove it. What about telling us what you think of this product once you tried it? Gillette, The Best A Man Can Get since 1901.

Triple action: hydrates, protects, refreshes

Also use the Gillette razors in your shaving routine to get the best a man can get

Pack Size: 200.0Millilitres

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Weight .200 kg
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