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What is tooth sensitivity:
Up to 57% of the population suffers from tooth sensitivity.

Tooth sensitivity is a short, sharp pain arising from exposed dentine as a result of various stimuli such as heat, cold, acidic food, sweets or mechanical forces.

The incidence increases between 20-50 years of age.

Whether it is every day or occasionally, having sensitive teeth makes eating and drinking painful.

The causes of Tooth sensitivity:
Dentine, one of the structures making up the tooth, contains thousands of microscopic tubules leading to the dental pulp where the nerves are located. In a healthy mouth, the dentine is covered by gum tissues or enamel.

Bad or incorrect oral hygiene or aging (among other factors) may lead to gum recession and consequently to exposure of dentinal surfaces and the tubules.

When uncovered tubules are exposed to hot, cold, acid or sugars, the flow of the fluid inside the tubules increases and is transmitted to the nerve endings located in the pulp.
This results in a sudden, sharp pain.

Mode of action:
Most oral care products either numb the nerve endings or create a thin protective layer on the exposed dentine.

Listerine® Advanced Defence Sensitive blocks the open tubules by depositing stable crystals both on the surface of the dentine and deep inside the tubules.

The crystals inhibit the movement of fluid which stimulates the nerves and causes pain.
Listerine® Advanced Defence Sensitive provides in depth protection and relief from the pain of tooth sensitivity.

Pack Size: 500ml

  • Clinically proven sensitivity treatment
  • Patented treatment for tooth sensitivity relief
  • Physically shields exposed nerves for in-depth sensitivity protection
  • Provides lasting protection

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