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Manflu Hot Or Shot Drink 60Ml

Manflu Hot Or Shot Drink 60Ml


Food Supplement – Lemon-Lime & Honey Flavoured Drink with Sweeteners, Vitamin C, Zinc and Herbal Extract.

Drink now: Instant comfort boost
Drink hot: Extra soothing boost

Attempt to create granny’s ‘secret’ recipe? tut! Make life easy!
Great tasting and effort free this Soothing Hot or Shot drink for modern man contains 1250% RDA* of vitamin C. With Echinacea + Zinc!
Misery? No! Try this Soothing drink!

Pack Size: 60ml

  • 1000mg vitamin C + echinacea + zinc
  • No caffeine, sugar and carbs
  • Only 7 calories
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Contains no artificial comfort or sympathy
  • Ultimate swift comfort drink

Additional Information

Weight .060 kg
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