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Multi-vitamin, multi-mineral + herbal extract food supplement, with sweetener


20 Sugar Free Orange Flavour Effervescent Tablets

Nothing Else Even Compares™
Includes 1250% Vitamin C‡, 2272%, B1° 2036% B2°, 2000% B12†, 1000% B5¥, 150 Zinc + Echinacea. NRV* Per Drink
† 100mg Echinacea per tablet

Maximum Benefits
Immune Support‡
Helps Tiredness/Fatigue†
Supports Mental Performance¥
Keeping you at your best every day~

Attempt to live a healthy lifestyle every day? Of course you should! tut!
Sometimes we don’t and a hectic ‘work hard, play hard’ lifestyle means we need to up our game to stay healthy and fighting fit each and every day.

Why take ‘Daily Defence’
Designed for ‘men that matter’ and for those leading a busy, demanding lifestyle this ‘man strength’ formula keeps you going and on top of your game. Every single day.
1250% NRV* of Vitamin C + 150%* of Zinc. Supports immune system function‡
B1 (2272%*), B2 (2035%) and B12 (2000%*). Contributes to normal energy release°
Vitamin B6 (714%*) + B12 (2000%*) help reduce tiredness and fatigue†
Pantothenic Acid (B5: 1000%*). Helps support mental performance¥
Take a healthy step towards keeping ‘you’ at your best and support your body’s internal defence system. Take ‘Daily Defence’ every day.~
‘Man Strength’ Formula + Taste + Performance: Nothing Else Even Compares™

  • High dose vits & minerals + Echinacea
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • With natural source sucralose sweetener
  • No caffeine, sugar or artificial stimulants
  • No gluten containing ingredients, yeast or lactose
  • Contains no artificial comfort or sympathy
  • Tested on men’s men, not animals
  • No sugar

Additional Information

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