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Mcdougalls Oo Flour 1Kg

Mcdougalls Oo Flour 1Kg


Mcdougalls Oo Flour 1Kg
“00” Grade Premium Plain Flour uses the purest, whitest, central part of the wheat. The resulting flour is incredibly silky and white and blends more easily with fats and liquid than other flours.

Sauces are dramatically whiter, smoother and glossier… with less effort. No lumps mean no need for extra whisking, sieving or liquidising. When making Shortcrust Pastry this flour is easier to handle and will give you deliciously crisp, light pastries.

Pack Size: 1kg

Each 100g as sold contains: 332 Cals, 1.4g Fat, trace Salt equivalent

No need to sift
An extra fine flour for sauces, pastries and pasta
The best of British baking
For sumptuous sauces and perfect pastry
Suitable for vegetarians

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Weight 1 kg
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