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Toilet Power 100% Limescale Destroyer

Changes colour while it works

100% Limescale destroyer

Visible action

Keep your toilet immaculate for longer with Mr Muscle Toilet Power Stain Destroyer Original. Not only has this specialist toilet cleaner been designed to remove tough stains and prevent them from returning, it also strips away limescale to further ensure that stains don’t stick. The dispenser has been designed to spray the cleaner under the rim of your toilet with ease and our formula is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria. This product is scented with our Original fragrance to make sure that your toilet is not only spotlessly clean, but smells great too.

To clean your toilet and protect from limescale build up open the cap, by squeezing both pads, and unscrew. Direct Mr Muscle Toilet Power under the rim of your toilet and squeeze evenly around the bowl, after that is done brush above and below the waterline and flush. To use this cleaner as a disinfectant simply apply again after the initial application but this time leave it 20 minutes before flushing. Use this cleaner at least three times a week to keep your toilet clean and disinfected.

Mr Muscle is the leading brand when it comes to tackling tough cleaning jobs around the home. From disinfecting surfaces to removing burnt-on grease in the kitchen and limescale in the bathroom, we have it covered with five pioneering ranges of specialised products. Because of this, Mr Muscle is not just a household name – it’s a household staple, proving time and again that we can cut through the grime. Since 1986, Mr Muscle has grown with and adapted to your needs, and for that reason we’ve become a trusted name recognised for our superior quality products. But our mission to eliminate the need for hard scrubbing nationwide is far from over … Let Mr Muscle do the work for you!

SC Johnson
A family company since 1886.
Fisk Johnson

Pack Size: 750ml

  • Removes tough stains and prevents them from returning
  • Strips away limescale
  • Angled dispenser facilitates the application of this product underneath the toilet rim.
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Scented with our Original fragrance

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