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Roses Lime Juice Cordial 1 Litre

Roses Lime Juice Cordial 1 Litre


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Concentrate Lime Juice Cordial

Concentrated lime juice cordial

L. Rose Co. Ltd.
L. Rose first imported lime juice from the West Indies in the 1860s. Trade thrived because merchant ships were compelled to carry lime or lemon juice. Lauchlan Rose devised a method for preserving juice without alcohol and so he invented the world’s first concentrated fruit drink.

Coca-Cola and the Environment
Coca-Cola is committed to making a positive difference – to the health of the planet, consumers and the communities it serves. The company is working hard to reduce its impact on the environment in everything it does – growing more while using less in areas such as energy and water use, waste reduction and recycling – and by encouraging people to think more about the positive impact they can have on their local environment.

By Appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Suppliers of Lime Juice Cordial L. Rose & Co. Ltd. London

Pack Size: 1Litre

Manufactured in GB under Authority of Atlantic Industries

Do not re-use packaging

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Weight 1.0 kg
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