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Caster Sugar 1Kg

Silver Spoon Caster Sugar 1Kg


Silver Spoon Caster Sugar 1Kg
Caster sugar

Did you know this is the only sugar grown in Britain?
The sugar beet we use travels fewer miles than any other from the fields around Bury St Edmunds in East Anglia, and is then made into our range of homegrown sugars for families all over the country.

Silver spoon caster sugar is perfect for lighter baking because of its fine crystals.
Silver spoon caster makes your cakes lighter and meringues melt in your mouth.
Pack Size: 1kg

By Appointment to HM the Queen Manufacturers of Sugar, British Sugar plc Peterborough

The only sugar grown in Britain
From the homegrown sugar people
Suitable for vegetarians

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Weight 1 kg
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