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Sure Men Adventure Antiperspirant Deodorant Compressed 125Ml

Sure Men Adventure Antiperspirant Deodorant Compressed 125Ml


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Long lasting anti-perspirant

Body movement = extra protection

Heart racing, muscles pumping, working hard? Make sure you use Suremen Adventure for a revitalising fragrance and long lasting protection that keeps up with your high adrenaline situations. Our patented motionsense™ technology will keep you fresh, dry and confident to take on any challenge.

How do Compressed deodorants work?
Compressed deodorants last as long with less packaging. They have an innovative spray system which means they require less gas to deliver the same protection in each spray.

Our compressed technology has been extensively tested so we can be confident that if you use it just like you use your old pack, it will last just as long and work just as well.

Pack Size: 125ml

  • Motionsense system
  • Lasts as long with less packaging

Additional Information

Weight .125 kg
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