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Tetley Pure Green 50 Teabags

Tetley Pure Green 50 Teabags


Tetley Pure Green 50 Teabags
Pure green tea
Carefully sourced… green tea leaves from Asia are combined with African green tea leaves sourced from the high altitude plantations to create our great quality green tea.
100% Natural… Tetley green tea leaves are simply picked, cut & dried and are a natural source of fluoride.
Skillfully tasted… all our green teas are quality checked at least 8 times.
Expertly blended… our unique blend of Asian & African green teas mean you can enjoy a smooth refreshing flavour, without the bitter taste found in some green teas.
At Tetley we believe nothing beats catching up over a cup of tea, and what could be better than green tea, which is brimming with natural healthy goodness.
Pack Size: 100g
Natural healthy with a smooth, mellow taste

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