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Washing machine cleaner

Regular use of your washing machine will affect its performance and reliability. Service-it cleans, freshens and maintains your machine to help avoid expensive call-out charges and repair bills – saving you money to spend on other things.
…cleans, freshens and maintains!
…eliminate the detergent residues that can build up on your drum, pipes, seals and all throughout your machine.
…get rid of the dirt and grime that create nasty odours to leave your machine smelling clean and fresh.
…eliminate the limescale on your element to improve your machine’s efficiency and protect against breakdowns and expensive repair bills.

Who is Dr. Beckmann?
In this corporate world we live in, it’s nice to know that ACDOCO remains a family owned and controlled business, as it has been since 1919.
And as one of the owners, Dr Beckman remains dedicated towards caring about and solving the most difficult problems associated with laundry, textiles and household cleaning.
The need for a range of products that are easy to use, high performing and effective, is what has motivated the desire to constantly develop the very best specialist cleaners available.
The Dr Beckman brand itself has now been in the market for over 30 years, and not only is it the No 1 specialist Stain Remover in Europe, but the name appears in many continents around the world.
It is very simple… If it says Dr Beckmann on the pack, then you know it works, because we care about cleaning.

Pack Size: 250ml

  • Cleans detergent residue
  • Freshens and deodorises
  • Maintains against breakdowns & malfunctions
  • It works… eliminating residue, dirt & odours
  • 1 treatment

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