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Elvive Proteins Nutri-Gloss Shampoo 250Ml

Elvive Proteins Nutri-Gloss Shampoo 250Ml


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The Science of mid to long, dull hair
The longer your hair, the more sensitive it is. Over time it can begin to lack shine, vitality and softness.

The secret to glossy shine
New formula with reinforced actives
1 Mirror Shine
Enriched with Pearl*, the formula illuminates and smoothes the hair’s surface for better light reflection and a mesmerising shine.
2 Cashmere Touch
Now even more concentrated with Protein, the formula helps nourish each hair fibre for glossy, irresistible cashmere softness from root to tip.
*Mother of Pearl powder

Mirror shine
Cashmere touch

Beauty Expertise for Every Haircare Need

Pack Size: 250ml

  • Reinforced actives
  • Protein + pearl
  • Mirror shine
  • Cashmere touch
  • Mid to long, dull hair

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Weight .250 kg
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