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Redbush 80 Teabags 200G

Redbush 80 Teabags 200G


Redbush 80 Teabags 200G
For the taste
We only make rooibos, and our relationship with the growers means we have an exclusive blend of the top 10% of the crop. This gives our tea a richer colour and sweeter, more rounded flavour.

For good health
Rooibos is naturally free from caffeine and low in tannin. As it doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste you get from black tea, it can be enjoyed with or without milk, lemon or sweeteners. Refreshing and hydrating.

Pack Size: 200g

This box was manufactured using timber sourced from managed, sustainable forests.

Deliciously aromatic and full of flavour
An exclusive grade of rooibos tea, naturally caffeine free

Additional Information

Weight .20 kg
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