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Sea salt & cider vinegar seasoned potato crisps

Coin us a caption

Now, we don’t know about you, but when we see an eccentric old photograph like the one on the front of this bag we can’t help but dream up a silly caption. If you’re the same, don’t suffer in silence, unleash your wit a

The Tyrrells Alternative Five A Day

Steamed broccoli, herbal tea, sit ups: nothing terribly wrong with any of those (in moderation). But there is such a thing as taking it too far, you know.

Which is why we came up with our own lifestyle guide, an alternative five a day. It’s a simple list of things to keep your spirits up. Well, it works for us

A good strong cup of coffee

A bit of battered cod

A slice of swiss roll

A sly game of cards

A big handful of proper English crisps

Just a few quick potato-shaped words to kick things off. We’re Tyrrells of Tyrrells Court Farm and we make fine English crisps from local Herefordshire potatoes. We cook them by hand in small batches and we always leave the jackets on. We reckon they’re rather special – dig in and let us know what you think.

What could be more gladdening than the burly kick of cider vinegar paired with the subtle yet satisfying sting of sea salt? And if you like these, keep your eyes peeled for our magnificent vegetable crisps.

Pack Size: 150g

  • Hand cooked English crisps
  • Perfect with a bit of battered cod
  • Great taste gold 2012
  • Nothing artificial – no funny stuff whatsoever
  • Gluten free – just in case you were wondering
  • Vegan friendly – free from animals